me!reiany prns, gendered terms okentp-acis aro queermixed filono triggers


i stan groups who have done problematic things and i DON'T support for what they have done and hold them accountable for it.
i may not tweet about all of my stan list
i do selective follow backs
i only put the artists in the stan list that i really keep up with, i like other artists but not as much as these
my account isn't only for idols in general, i will tweet about anything i want
basic criteria, homophobic, pedophile, racist, trumpet, dds, marcos apologist, transphobic, fatphobic and obviously the rest the bad phobics
suju, kwj, kris wu, lucas, leia, sorn, eaj, juri, to1 chan, crush, & jay park stans. garam and ravn stans are iffy


손동표 / 손채영 / 배호영

stan list!

≛ Boy groups
bdc / cravity / lucy / mirae
nct dream / oneus / onf
seventeen / To1 / verivery / X1
≛ Girl groups
billlie / brave girls / Everglow
fromis_9 / ive / izone / kep1er
le sserafim / lightsum / loona
Oh my girl / rocket punch / twice
≛ Solos
chungha / kim wooseok
lee eunsang / lee jinhyuk / shaun
≛ survival shows
Sixteen / produce 48 / queendom
produce x 101 / under nineteen
nizi project / produce 101 japan
idol producer / road to kingdom
qcyn3 / produce 101 japan s2
girls planet 999 / queendom 2

last edit: 10/26/22